As Trinidad and Tobago implements measures to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, the legal sector has had to make drastic adjustments to the way business is conducted.

Many attorneys-at-law are moving to working remotely or significantly less time in their offices.

Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago

The Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago has also implemented emergency practice directions for the operations of the court in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Emergency Directions

Practice Direction are curranty in place for court operations during the pandemic. The most recent directions were put into effect from 30 April 2021 in the Trinidad and Tobago Gazette No. 63 Volume 60.

Court operations during COVID-19

On April 2, 2020, the Judiciary issued advice to the public on its efforts in light of the Government’s ‘stay-at-home’ regulations.

Hearings by Electronic Means

The Court later issued a Practice Direction on Hearings by Electronic Means which was published in the Trinidad & Tobago Gazette Vol. 59 No. 41 of 2020 and dated 27 March, 2020.

This practice direction appears to be tailored not only for the COVID-19 pandemic but for the future of the delivery and administration of justice in Trinidad and Tobago.Court Operations during COVID-19

Filing by Electronic Means

On April 2, 2020, the Court amended the Civil Proceedings Rules (Legal Notice No. 67 of 2020) and issued a Practice Direction in relation to the filing of documents by electronic means (Gazette No. 44 of 2020).

Further, on April 3, 2020, the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago issued a note to all attorneys-at-law about the Judiciary’s e-filing platform:

Further to the contents of the attached documents, the Judiciary’s e-filing platform can be accessed by typing into the address bar of your browser on your computer or smartphone. The Judiciary informs that in relation to the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago, the first phase of the e-filing platform permits filings under the Civil Proceedings Rules 1998 (as amended).

Members are asked by the Judiciary to understand that in order to protect everyone, at this time the default position must be e-filing.  You are also asked by the Judiciary to limit your filings to only urgent matters or matters deemed fit for hearing during  the period covered by the Practice Direction on the COVID-19 Emergency Directions.

Members are therefore encouraged to carefully read the contents of the attachments in conjunction with previous Practice Directions and the CPR 1998 (as amended).

On April 6, 2020, the Judiciary issued directions for filing by electronic means in the Criminal Division and Criminal District and Traffic Courts published in the Trinidad & Tobago Gazette No. 46 Volume 59 dated 6th April, 2020.

On April 7, 2020, amendments were made to the Family Proceedings Rules and practice directions were made in respect of filing by electronic means in the Family Court.

Similar provisions were also made on April 7, 2020 amending the Children Court Rules and the issuance of practice directions for filing by electronic means in the Children’s Court.

Proceedings at the Industrial Court

The Industrial Court also issued a practice direction in Gazette No. 31 of 2020.

Equal Opportunity Tribunal

Meanwhile, the Equal Opportunity Tribunal has also provided guidance as to its operations during the Government’s recommendations on COVID-19.

The Tribunal later issued a practice direction in the Gazette No. 32 of 2020.

The Environmental Commission also issued its COVID-19 strategy on March 17th, 2020.

Environmental Commission

Tax Appeal Board

Similarly, the Tax Appeal Board issued emergency directions, inter alia extending time to April 20, 2020. These directions were officially published in the Gazette No. 33 of 2020.

On March 19, 2020, the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs issued a media release as to the operations at the Registrar General’s Department, Intellectual Property Office and Solicitor General’s Department.

On March 28, 2020, the Intellectual Property Office issued a note to the public and a further practice direction for operations during the Government’s ‘stay-at-home’ regulations.

Please be advised, the Intellectual Property Office of Trinidad and Tobago would be closed until April 15th, 2020. However, all of our services would be accessible on our website at and the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs website at via the online services portal. 

The guidelines issued by all agencies are aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19 by reducing staff and operating in a limited capacity.

This page will provide further updates on any provisions related to the legal sector and the administration of justice in Trinidad and Tobago.

Last updated May 16, 2020.

About The Author Jason Nathu

Jason Nathu is an Attorney-at-Law and Tutor attached to the Legal Aid Clinic at the Hugh Wooding Law School.